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Gulfwebs offers website design in Pensacola as well as hosting and seo.  Your competition is on the web! Are YOU?

Web design services

Charlie Jones in Pensacola can build a website that incorporates social media and search engine optimization (SEO) for you that will not strain your budget. The information below provides a list of services we can build into your website and the things we need to get started building your custom website. We also provide additional specialized services. Click here for more info.

Primary Web Services offered:

  • Responsive Website Design
  • SEO Implementation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Custom Software for Business Applications
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Administrative tracking & maintenance
  • Limited Photography

Additional Specialty Services offered:

  • Assist with Google Services such as Adsense, Adwords, Analytic...
  • Assist with YouTube Videos
  • Advanced Custom Programming
  • Database Design
  • Ongoing Social Media Management
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing Strategy
Pensacola Web Design services!

Web site do's and don'ts

  • A website is a great tool to establish a long lasting business relationship with your clients. You must start with great content and then keep it fresh. Applying quarterly updates lets your customers know you care about keeping them informed.
  • Be sure to remove obsolete information.
  • Market your website; list your URL on business cards and advertisements.
  • Ask other websites to link to yours.
  • Avoid website names containing hyphens or numbers.

Getting Started:

The first thing you need is a domain name. If you already own one, be sure to have the following information:

  • The company name the domain name is registered with.
  • The userid assigned to your account.
  • The password assigned to your account.
Log into your account and check the domain name registration expiration date. If it's due to expire within the next 45 days be sure to renew your account. Take care in storing related documents, keeping the registration information in a safe palce which can be easily found. If you've lost any or all of this inormation, we can help you retrieve it for a nominal fee.

In addition to domain-name registration, you will need a hosting service. Pensacola based provides hosting packages. If you already have your site hosted, there are three things you will need:

  • The company name of your hosting service
  • The userid assigned to your account.
  • The password assigned to your account.
Log into your account and be sure that the domain name hosting is not about to expire.

Basic website design information:

  • Business location(s)
  • Contact information
  • Hours of operation
  • Detailed description of services provided
  • List of products offered
  • Basic pricing
  • Payment methods accepted
  • History of company
  • Links to useful information related to company
  • Anwers to common questions / FAQ page
  • Testimonials

Basic website check list:

  • Do you have a company color scheme?
  • Do you have a company logo?
  • Do you have digital images for your site?
  • Do you have typed text ready for your website?
  • Do you know what search phrases you would like?
  • How many menu options (pages) does your site need?
Important questions to answer about your website

Advanced web design services

Advanced Web design services/features:

  • User Registration Form
  • User Employment Application
  • Interactive User Comment
  • Online Employee Schedule
  • Product Inventory
  • Dynamic Content
  • Private Company Info
  • Automated email utilities
  • E-commerce functions

Advanced website check list:

  • Have you defined the information you will store?
  • Do you need a custom user interface to update data?
  • Does your website need password protection?
  • Do you need a PayPal or Merchant account?

Think of the Savings!

Let me save you money on your website design and get great results for your advertising dollars!All website pricing plans listed below represent a one time charge and then an annual renewal fee for hosting which currently is $119.95 per year.

A custom website is the best investment and all content can be updated in realtime to always ensure only the most relevant and up to date information is presented!
Advertising in the phone books have much higher fees and are only good for the year.


Intro Plan
1 Year Hosting
1 Page Business
Card Website
More info...
Starting at $649.00
One time charge
Basic Plan
1 Year Hosting
4 Page Basic Website
More info...
Starting at $999.00
One time charge
Business Plan
1 Year Hosting
6 Page Website
1 User Interface
1 Database Table
More info...
Starting at $1399.00
One time charge
Professional Plan
1 Year Hosting
8+ Page Website
1 Interactive Online Form
1 User Interface
1 Database Table
More info...
Starting at $1899.00
One time charge
Gulfwebs Custom Web Site Design by Charlie Jones
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