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Gulfwebs offers website design in Pensacola as well as hosting and seo.  Your competition is on the web! Are YOU?

20201213 - WordPress with Elementor and WooCommerce now available!

We are now building state of the art websites using WordPress. WordPress is the leading website platform in the world! We embellish the power of WordPress with the Elementor Pro page builder, WooCommerce for eCommerce applications and YOAST SEO to ensure your website ranks high. View our latest works using this technology: GailBarshPhotography, CazadoresOfTheGulf, PetrellasItalianCafe, and RogersElectricalContractors.

20170126 - Have you reviewed your website lately?

Try these diagnostic tools to assess your website:
1). think with Google.
2). Link Checker
3). Speed Test
4). Code Analyzer

Have you installed Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools? Does your website have an SSL?

If you failed any of the tests above or answered NO to the questions above, you ARE do for a website check-up if you are serious about your business.

What do you have to lose? Call or Contact us today for a free consultation.

20161010 - Your locally developed website is your pet!

Your website is not a ROCK. Just like a living plant or animal, your website needs constant care. Ignore your website and it will definitely ignore you and your business needs. Review your website top to bottom at least once a month. It will refresh your memory about what your business is all about and you will surely find things that need to be updated to keep it fresh and relevant. A website works for you 24/7 whether you think about it or not. A little attention on your end will keep your online investment a smart choice for as long as you run your business.

20160713 - Is your website mobile friendly?

More and more, the SEO score for your website depends on it's mobile friendliness. Is your website mobile friendly? If not offers mobile friendly upgrades starting as low as $99.00.

20151108 - Are you getting unbiased information?

All Marketing Agencies have an agenda. Sell products that increase their bottom line. Are they really doing anything that helps your bottom line.

At we are proud to offer free consultations (30 minute limit) that will explain all of the product offerings that have been presented to you. There are a lot of fancy buzzwords and 'packages' availble that sound good but you have to ask yourself this. Do I really need all of this? Are they cost effective. Will I see a solid return on my investment.

Give us the opportunity to give you a no obligation tour of the internet marketing world and how you can make them work for you without spending a fortune.

Our presentation is purely informational and we will not try sell you any of our services unless you specifically request a quote.

What do you have to lose? Call or Contact us today for a confidential no hassle consultation. Pensacola Website Design Blog

20150324 - Are you isolated in the middle of the woods? Variation on a theme

Your ego took the drivers seat and you built a website (or had one built) without consulting any of your friends. Now you are stuck. No one visits your website. No one buys your online products. You still have to pay the bills.

Your website is not a magic bullet. It is ONE gear in an overall marketing strategy. You are NOT going to get rich quick. You are NOT going to magically jump to the top of the search engines results because YOU THINK you have a great website.

Like anything else, a great website needs a great plan and at the end of the day spending any amount of money is not going to buy your way to success. You MUST put in the TIME, PLANNING and EFFORT. PERIOD.

If you are reading this before you jumped in, great! Get advice from as many people as you possibly before you start. If you pissed away hundreds or thousands of dollars with no appreaciable results, I hate to say it but I TOLD YOU SO.

20150303 - Building SEO Equity

If you plan on having a website in the future, even if it is years away, you should buy your domain name today. The age of a domain name is one of the many considerations in SEO rankings.

A simple one page website describing what you plan to do in the future will help give you an advantage over your competitors when you do finally start up.

There is another benefit as well. People with goals are more successful than people without goals. People with goals that are written down are even more successful than people with just mental goals.

So take your thoughts, write them down, and put them in the form of a blog on your future website. Not only will your SEO be more effective when you actually startup, your chances of success also improve since you have written your goals down. It is a win-win situation.

20150214 - Discount website hosting

Some people cut off their nose to spite their face. I have had three website clients in the past that let me build their website but opted out of my hosting after finding cheaper hosting.

The money these clients lost in business and revenue compared to the money they 'saved' was outnumbered 20 to 1. You see, at Gulfwebs, we use dedicated servers and exercise complete control at the root level. Discount hosting places you on a community server that is tantamount to living in a low rent district complete with a high crime rate and undesirable neighbors.

To ensure 100 per cent reliability and instant customer service if a problem does arise, you need a professional hosting service that has a vested interest in your success. That is the way it is at Gulfwebs. We care about you and your website. 24/7/365. Period.

20150204 - 404 - The webpage cannot be found

Have you visited your own website lately? Nothing can be more frustrating for a potential customer than a broken link or even worse, a non-functioning contact form.

You should periodically check you own website to ensure everything is functioning properly. If you are using a discount hosting service, you should definitely check it. Hosting companies often relocate websites to new servers. This can cause unwanted errors and even worse, result in a loss of revenue.

So never assume everything is okay. Check things out and be sure the product you paid for is working as advertised. If you need help, feel free to contact us anytime for a free consultation.

20150126 - A chicken giving you an egg is involved, A pig giving you bacon is committed

Are you involved with your online presence or committed?

Getting a website established is a starting point, not a destination. Let Gulfwebs website design in Pensacola help you build a long term plan.

20150123 - Just finished revamping my website

Too ofter people get a website, set it up and forget about it. Unfortunately it does not work that way. A website is like a pet or small child. It needs regular attention and TLC to keep it relevant, active with the search engines, and interesting to your customers.

Pay attention to your website and your customers will pay attention to you and your business. Ignore your website and suffer the consequences: lower search engine rankings and fewer customers.

20150111 - If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck must it be a duck?

I regularly get calls from clients with the following concern. Their website looks great (walks like a duck), they get great compliments (quacks like a duck), but it does not perform well with the search engines (must it be a duck).

The truth is this. Websites that humans can understand are easy to build. Websites that can be easily understood by search engines and have a marketing impact requires a little more forethought. That is why a website design professional with SEO expertise is so important. Even if you want to build a website on your own, consulting a website design expert beforehand will help you achieve your goals.

20150101 - You need a website - Why we should help.

The biggest trap in the website world are site builder sites that let you build your own custom site using an array of GUI interfaces.

These companies don't use their own tools to build their website, why is it supposed to be good enough for you?

The truth is, you don't know what you don't know and these companies are taking advantage of that fact.

While website design is not rocket science, there are a myriad of things you need to know to build an effective website.

At we believe that rock solid design and simple elegance yields the best results. It also keeps prices very affordable.

Think of the Savings!

Let me save you money on your website design and get great results for your advertising dollars!All website pricing plans listed below represent a one time charge and then an annual renewal fee for hosting which currently is $119.95 per year.

A custom website is the best investment and all content can be updated in realtime to always ensure only the most relevant and up to date information is presented!
Advertising in the phone books have much higher fees and are only good for the year.


Intro Plan
1 Year Hosting
1 Page Business
Card Website
More info...
Starting at $649.00
One time charge
Basic Plan
1 Year Hosting
4 Page Basic Website
More info...
Starting at $999.00
One time charge
Business Plan
1 Year Hosting
6 Page Website
1 User Interface
1 Database Table
More info...
Starting at $1399.00
One time charge
Professional Plan
1 Year Hosting
8+ Page Website
1 Interactive Online Form
1 User Interface
1 Database Table
More info...
Starting at $1899.00
One time charge
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